Tucker - Creepin

Bet ya’ll didn’t know a nigga rap

Just had the best donuts ever.

Tucker - Creepin

Who wants to hear my new song?


"Forever" is an original work of art representing the needs of isolation that most people feel in times of stress. The speech bubble represents the an individuals need to be the best at their craft, but is also a realization that indeed no one stays at the top of their craft forever, and there will always be someone that is better at doing or creating something. The Japanese symbols represent "Devant" "Forever" and "Leave Me Alone"


"Drugs" is an original work of art representing the constant struggle and battle between drug abuse and suicide. The Japanese symbols stand for "Drugs" and "Death" hence Kurt looking up happily at the symbol that stands for drugs instead of death. The speech bubble is a direct quote from Kurt Cobain which also states that some people find can only happiness in drugs because they see them as an escape from the dark reality one might be living in. "I’m Trying" Stands for "I’m trying to get my life together" which is a personal addition from the artist.

"Life is good".




Oedipus (1990) by Hermann Nitsch


Rosario Dawson, Sidewalks of New York


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