After the successful releases of FLWR CHLD, and Dead Roses, Jaysin The Schizo & J Tucker come back again with the series’ 3rd installment New Roses.
Download here or stream it here on soundcloud.
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J Tucker & Jaysin The Schizo - Dead Roses

Me and my boy Jaysin The Schizo just dropped our new beat tape “Dead Roses”, if you’re into listening to instrumentals or making use of them i’m sure you will enjoy this one.
1. Dead Roses2. She Wears A Ski Mask3. Leave A Message4. The Picnic5. Scuff Your Tims6. Don’t Wait Up7. Her Boyfriend’s Sweater8. Salem
(Sidenote: I would love to know who the owner of the original photo is, i don’t want no trouble lol, i wanted to ask for permission and give credit and all that but i couldn’t find whoever this picture belongs to.)

Just dropped a new beat tape today. It would be awesome if you guys checked it out.
1.Seeds2.Left Coast Larry3.Jet Pack4.Eat The Pellet5.Growth6.Half A Dozen7.Sweet Spanish8.Nudist9.Blue Monday
Download Here